Rights and responsibilities of the seller of the product:

Provide the right product that the customer has selected, be responsible for consulting full features, usage, price … and other requirements of the customer.

Have the right to request customers to provide full information on: needs, conditions of use, conditions of transportation; warranty conditions; Product exchange, customer care later…

Instruct customers on how to use and maintain the product after purchase and during the use of the product.

There is a product return policy and customer care after customers buy products at the website https://namthien.vn/ (Use the new link)

Committed to selling goods of the right quality, goods of clear origin, goods with quality measurement standards in accordance with the provisions of Vietnamese law.

The website has a mechanism for customers to agree to the general provisions of the seller (if any) before making a purchase.

Rights and responsibilities of product buyers:

Provide full information on demand, conditions of use, conditions of transportation; return and exchange conditions; customer care after… and other conditions (if any) and necessary requirements for the seller to properly and accurately advise on the most suitable products for customers.

The buyer has the right to request the seller to provide all documents and documents related to the product’s quality, origin, and ingredients so that the buyer can choose and understand the product well before buying and using it. product.

To jointly implement all issues agreed upon by the two parties, in the spirit of cooperation and voluntary.

Provide full information such as: Name, Address, Phone number when the buyer has a need for the seller to deliver the goods to the place or give advice.

Pay the seller in full according to the agreement between the two parties in the purchase/sale of products.


Main Office: DP12, Dragon Parc 2, Nguyen Huu Tho Street, Phuoc Kien Commune, Nha Be District, City. Ho Chi Minh City

Phone: (+84) 28 35351086

Email: namthien@namthien.vn

Website: https://namthien.vn/ (Use new link)