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Van Bi - Hitachi - UB2N - NAM THIEN
16 January, 2023 125 Lượt xem

What is a Ball Valve?

What is a Ball Valve? The ball valve is a kind of industrial device installed on the pipeline to control fluid flow. In the valve body, there is a ball with a hole called a ball valve. The valve works according to the principle, fully open when the ball is parallel to the flow and
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Van Giam Ap - GP-2000
27 December, 2022 125 Lượt xem

What Is A Pressure Reducing Valve?

  What Is A Pressure Reducing Valve? Pressure Reducing Valve (also known as Pressure Reducing Valve) is used to regulate pressure from the inlet due to the pressure being too high compared to the required. Pressure-reducing valves are often found in boiler and boiler systems because using pressure-relief valves is now indispensable in most systems.
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VAN AN TOÀN - ARI - Fig 12.912
23 December, 2022 125 Lượt xem

What is a Safety Valve?

What is a Safety Valve? The safety valve is a protective device for the fluid pipeline systems located behind the valve, stabilizing pressure and keeping the pressure at a fixed level.   Principle and structure of Safety Valve The safety valve has a piston-like structure with cylindrical or disc-shaped moving parts; the detail to distinguish
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_ Bẫy Hơi Gầu Đảo – MIYAWAKI – ES5-7
23 December, 2022 125 Lượt xem

What is a Steam Trap?

What is a Steam Trap? The steam created will condensate back into the water during the heating process after releasing its energy. To maximise the heat energy transfer and ensure the system’s safety, the water (condensates) must be removed. Removing condensates without any loss of live steam is the prime function of steam traps. Additionally,
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MOD.248 Van Cầu Hơi - VYC
21 December, 2022 125 Lượt xem

What Is A Globe Valve?

What are Globe Valves? Globe valves are mechanical devices that can open/close to control the flow of a liquid/gas in a piping system. Inside the body of the valve, there are two separate sections. Halve is under, and halve is above the flow of the substance. Between the separation point, there is a hole in which
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01 August, 2022 125 Lượt xem

Van Công Nghiệp Là Gì?

CÔNG TY TNHH CƠ KHÍ NAM THIÊN Van công nghiệp là thiết bị cơ khí sử dụng trong các hệ thống ống dẫn trong các nghành công nghiệp (như lò hơi, nhuộm, ống nước, gas, v.v.). Các van công nghiệp thường được dùng để đóng hay mở, điều chỉnh và kiểm soát lưu lượng dòng
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