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Solenoid Valve – YOSHITAKE – DP-100F

Solenoid Valve – YOSHITAKE – DP-100F

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* Cast stainless steel made body (SCS14A)
* Three times higher in durability and scale-resistance than our conventional models
* Gasket made of PTFE offers higher airtightness
* Coil has 2 types for 10-25A (red) and for 32-50A (black)

Features AC, normally closed, flanged
Type Piston type solenoid valve
Specifications Product type Solenoid Valve_Piston
Nominal size 15A (1/2″) – 65A (2-1/2″)
Application Steam, air, water, N2 gas, CO2 gas (dry), Ar gas, oil (20cSt or less)
End connection JIS 10K FF flanged
Max. pressure 1 MPa
Working pressure 0 – 1 MPa (not usable under vacuum)
Max. temperature 180 degree(C) (5 – 180 degree(C) no freeze condition)
Min. differential pressure 0 MPa (0.03 MPa or more is required when installed with the coil sideways)
Ambient temperature Max. 50 degree(C) (no freeze condition)
Rated voltage AC 110/220V selective type – 50/60Hz common
Valve seat leakage 50 mL/min under standard conditions (at air pressure of 0.6 MPa)
Installation posture Horizontal or vertical (the coil has to be within 90 degrees from upward position)
Protection class IP64
Material Body Stainless steel
Valve Stainless steel
Gasket PTFE

Dimensions and Weights
Size L (mm) H (mm) Weight (kg) Cv value
15A(1/2) 120 161 2.7 4.5
20A(3/4) 130 164 3.2 7.5
25A(1) 145 177 4.5 12.0
32A(1 1/4) 160 213 6.9 17.7
40A(1 1/2) 170 219 8.0 25.0
50A(2) 195 228 10.5 33.6
65A(2 1/2) 198 238 12.3 33.6